shippedcream asked: hey so i was going through dylanships' fic prompt tag and i wanna write the one that you and hungrylikethewolfie came up with about stiles being sucked into an alternate universe where the hales never died and derek is an adorable happy dork and stiles is his mate except real stiles has been gone cuz he's a wolf and he's been staying away and he comes back and real stiles goes back to the real world and has been gone for two months and then real derek finally kisses him I WANNA WRITE IT OK?

i’m thinking it could be around 50k and i’ll stay like STRICTLY to the prompt with my own extrapolations of course and additions but like I wouldn’t change any major details that you guys laid out because its PERFECT and yeah and you two can be my pre-readers or betas or whatever

If hungrylikethewolfie doesn’t have a problem with it, I don’t! I’m sure it’ll be great. :)

its-the-plastics asked: hello! why don't you have any posts?

I moved to spacemarried :D