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One day my ethnic media professor mentioned Scandal and went on like a 15 min rant about how he saw the first ep and it was way to over the top and he hated it. Then the next day he came in, siad he saw some more eps & was sorry he shit talked it.

Scandal is seriously just a FUN show with a fun concept and interesting twists and really thick plot that you can dig in to and on top of all of that, MOST of the characters are minorities: characters of color, women, and/or queer characters, all with a variety of backgrounds and privileges and disadvantages and motivations, the lead of which is a powerful woman of color. And they’re all so well rounded and amazing and complex and just. I COULD TALK ABOUT HOW AMAZING SCANDAL IS FOR A VERY LONG TIME. And of the “heroes” of the show (Olivia and her team, although all of them have been morally gray), none of them are white men (there was one for the short first season, but he didn’t come back for season two). Sometimes I just… boggle at that. 

It’s just… I have seriously never seen a show like this on TV before and it makes me really happy.

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  1. oranges8hands said: Scandal is awesome. Like I was just watching episodes going “haha this is ridiculous” and then all of a sudden the deputy dude shot the reporter and I was like “holy shit”….uh, anyway, I agree, Scandal is awesomesauce! Esp b/c of the lack of w. men
  2. the1001cranes said: IT IS SUCH AN AWESOME SHOW. also, what I finally figured out was extra awesome, the other day, is that usually Quinn would be the main character, Devil Wears Prada style, BUT NO. THIS IS OLIVIA POPE’S FUCKING SHOW.
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    THIS ALL OF THIS. Scandall is awesome. Perfect amount of intrigue vs soap, gritty greyness vs good and evil. No one is...
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